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The Global Summit, held in Vienna (October 3-5, 2012) was a high-level scientific forum with global geographic, multi-disciplinary representation, with 129 experts from around the world representing 41 countries.  In a structured three-day format, experts analyzed Supportive Care and QOL issues for breast cancer patients in LMCs from the perspective of Survivorship and Follow-up Care, Treatment-related Quality of Life and Supportive Care, and End-of-Life and Palliative Care, the basis for the development of the first Guidelines for International Breast Health and Cancer Control – Supportive Care and Quality of Life for LMCs, to be published later in 2013. The scientifically peer-reviewed publications resulting from the 2012 summit will be important and rare medical tools that will also serve to highlight neglected QOL and palliation issues through mixed-method implementation science research.

International presentations, discussions, and professional networking connected national and international organizations and experts from around the world as they analyzed issues of Supportive Care and QOL in breast cancer care delivery.

Three Consensus Working Groups focused on key issues on how existing healthcare resources can most effectively be organized to improve palliative outcomes and integrate new supportive care and quality of life services within existing medical infrastructures. 


       Wednesday, October 3rd

       Day 1:  Survivorship and

                     Follow-up Care    

  Thursday, October 4th

  Day 2:  Treatment-related                                 Supportive Care                


Friday, October 5th

Day 3: End-of-life &

            Palliative Care  

Six to eight daily scientific presentations per day reviewed and highlighted key issues to be addressed in each guideline. 
MORNING SESSIONS began with a breast cancer advocacy presentation from a representative from a low-middle resource region, followed by scientific presentations highlighting key issues in breast health care delivery for breast cancer QOL, moderated by 2 panel co-chairs who will also serve as the co-chairs of the ensuing guideline development process for their topic.
AFTERNOON SESSIONS began with a keynote presentation, followed by open panel discussion of key topics, focused on learning points deemed most relevant to program execution in LMCs.


  • Clinicians & governmental health care agencies
  • Public health researchers
  • Advocacy, non-governmental, non-profit & for-profit organizations
Participants at the 2012 Global Summit included: breast cancer clinicians and researchers, governmental health care agencies and health policy makers, oncology nurses, public health and health systems researchers, health educators and community organizers, psychosocial care providers, palliative care experts, physical and occupational therapists, breast cancer advocates and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local cancer societies, and other allied healthcare providers who have an interest in or who provide healthcare for medically underserved women.  
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