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World Cancer Day, a UICC initiative, is February 4, 2014.

India Breast Cancer Surge Hinders Private Exams for Women, October 29, 2013.

Susan G. Komen TV - April 2013

Komen's Blog recognizing Dr. Ben Anderson: Voices of Impact. March 22, 2013.

Don't Miss Out on Inspiration Award Recipient, Dr. Ben Anderson, at the NCoBC 23rd Annual National Conference. March 12, 2013.

Video: Dr. Ben Anderson delivers opening remarks during Susan G. Komen International Global Women's Cancer Summit in Washington D.C.  February 4, 2013.

Video: Implementation of Breast Health Guidelines - Panel 3 at Komen's Global Women's Cancer Summit in Washington D.C.  February 4, 2013.

UICC Videos: Addressing breast cancer in the new WHO Global Action Plan on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)

Video - Lecture: Global Strategy for Breast Health Care Delivery, presented by Dr. Ben Anderson. January 14, 2013.

ASCO Post: Breast Cancer and Noncommunicable Diseases: Where in the World Do We Start? Dr. Ben Anderson. July 1, 2012.

IAEA: Global Summit on International Breast Health To Open in Vienna: Supportive Care and Quality of Life Issues Top Agenda Items. May 2012.

eBulletin, The BHGI Bulletin, Winter 2012. Announcing the next Global Summit on International Breast Health: Guidelines for International Breast Health and Cancer Control - Supportive Care and Quality of Life, October 3-5, 2012 in Vienna, this bulletin features details of the upcoming working Summit in addition to the latest news from BHGI.

2011 World Cancer Leader's Summit Summary Report. The Summit was held November 18, 2011 in Dublin, Ireland. The report as well as other Summit-related materials can be found on the UICC website.

Dr. Ben Anderson's radio interview discussing the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and the BHGI Part 1, Part 2 October 2011 

Impact Case Studies and Knowledge Transfer Case Studies. AHRQ's Impact Case Studies Program catalogues the impact the Agency's research and resources have on outcomes, quality, cost, use, and access. They demonstrate how AHRQ-funded research, tools, and products are actually being used by Federal and State Government; individual practices, clinics, and hospitals; insurance companies; professional associations; and schools of public health and medicine.

Closing the Cancer Divide: A Blueprint to Expand Access in Low and Middle Income Countries, is a product of the first two years of work of the Global Task Force on Expanded Access to Cancer Care and Control in Developing Countries (GTF.CCC) and a response to the Call-to-Action published in 2010. The Report aims to present the evidence that supports the case for expanded access to CCC, describe innovative models for achieving this goal, and provide a blueprint for future. The mandate of The GTF.CCC is to design, implement and evaluate innovative, multi-stakeholder strategies for expanding access to cancer prevention, detection and care. Overview  Full Report 

The George W. Bush Institute, the U.S. Department of State, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and UNAIDS Announce New Women's Health Initiative September 13, 2011 

Global Cancer Epidemic -- A 'Crisis in Slow Motion' Medscape Medical News June 20, 2011

NIH presents Cancer Detection and Diagnostics Technologies for Global Health, Bethesda, Maryland - August 22-23, 2011

Video (PatientPower): Award Winning Breast Surgeon Underscores the Importance of Multi-Disciplinary Care June 2011

Video (ASCO TV): Anderson receives award at ASCO. June 6, 2011

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BHGI Bulletin, Summer 2013


GTF.CCC: Co-chairperson Julio Frenk, Honorary Co-President HRH Princess Dina Mired, Secretariat Felicia Knaul, Honorary Co-President Lance Armstrong and Co-chairperson Lawrence Shulman

Dr. Anderson receives ASCO's 2011 Partners in Progress award (Photo ©ASCO/Todd Buchanan 2011)
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