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Publications on Global Breast Health Care A landmark breast health care publication reveals a multitude of barriers that keep women of developing nations from being screened and treated for breast cancer – but offers tools to help countries improve their breast care programs. “Global Breast Health Care: Optimizing Delivery in Low- and Middle-Resource Countries,” published as a supplement to the April 1 edition of The Breast, compiles three consensus statements and 11 research papers that were based on projects and proposals presented last June at the Breast Health Global Initiative Global Summit on International Breast Health in Chicago.

The Summit brought together more than 150 experts from 43 countries. The Breast Health Global Initiative (BHGI) is an alliance of international partnering organizations dedicated to medically underserved women.  An executive summary of the consensus statements was published simultaneously in the April 1 edition of The Lancet Oncology.


BHGI Offers Unprecedented Tools for Developing Nations April 1, 2011  PDF Word

Press Release Translations: Portuguese 

Breast Cancer: A Big Problem in Developing Countries (Huffington Post) April 2, 2011

SISMAMA article in The Breast (INCA, in Portuguese) April 5, 2011


BHGI Spring 2011 eBulletin: Landmark Publications for Global Breast Health Care! April 5, 2011
PODCAST (TLO): The Lancet Oncology podcast interview with Dr. Anderson re: the Executive Summary April 1, 2011 MP3 

Author Contact Information PDF 


Benjamin O. Anderson, MD photo

Eduardo Cazap, MD, PhD photo


Dean Forbes 206-667-2896

Sandra Distelhorst 206-290-9938

Executive Summary Consensus Article in THE LANCET ONCOLOGY

Great first read! ARTICLE (TLO): Optimisation of breast cancer management in low-resource and middle-resource countries: executive summary of the Breast Health Global Initiative consensus, 2010. April 1, 2011  Word Version

PODCAST (TLO): The Lancet Oncology podcast interview with Dr. Anderson re: the Executive Summary April 1, 2011   Direct to MP3 


Complete Supplement: Global Breast Health Care: Optimizing Delivery in Low- and Middle-Resource Countries

  1. Introduction. Cazap E, Distelhorst SR, Anderson BO


  1. Breast cancer management in low resource countries (LRCs): consensus statement from the Breast Health Global Initiative. El Saghir NS, Adebamowo C, Anderson BO, et al.
  2. Breast cancer management in middle resource countries (MRCs): consensus statement from the Breast Health Global Initiative. Yip CH, Cazap E, Anderson BO, et al.
  3. Problem solving for breast health care delivery in low and middle resource countries: consensus statement from the Breast Health Global Initiative. Harford J, Otero IV, Anderson BO, et al.


  1. Barriers and opportunities for early detection of breast cancer in Gaza women. Shaheen R, Slanetz PJ, Raza S, et al.
  2. SISMAMA, an information system for better management of Brazil’s breast cancer early detection and screening efforts. Passman LJ, Ramalho A, Tomazelli JG, et al.
  3. Mammogram screening in Chile: Using mixed methods to implement health policy planning at the primary care level. Puschel K, Thompson B.
  4. Implementation of a breast cancer awareness and education program in rural Kashmir. Erwin DP, Erwin DO, Ciupak G, et al.


  1. Acceptance and adherence to treatment among breast cancer patients in Eastern Nigeria. Anyanwu S, Egwuonwu OA, Ihekwoaba EC.
  2. The role of health system factors in delaying final diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in Mexico City, Mexico. Bright K, Donach M, Gutierrez de Barrera M, et al.
  3. Factors affecting estrogen receptor status in a multiracial Asian country – an analysis of 3557 cases. Yip CH, Taib NA, Tan GH, et al.


  1. Establishing an evidence base for cancer control in developing countries. Lodge M, Corbex M.
  2. Survey of utilization of multidisciplinary management tumor boards in Arab countries. El Saghir NS, El-Asmar N, Hajj, C, et al.
  3. Breast cancer in a multi-ethnic Asian setting: results from the Singapore-Malaysia Hospital-based Breast Cancer Registry.  Bhoo Pathy N, Yip CH, Taib NA, et al.
  4. The role of breast cancer civil society in different resource settings. Azenhaa G, Durstinea A, Pace Bassb L, et al.

Breast-cancer early detection in low-income and middle-income countries: do what you can versus one size fits all.  Harford, JB.  The Lancet Oncology, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 306 - 312, March 2011



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