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eNewsletter, The BHGI Bulletin, Spring 2011. Read about the landmark publications produced from the 2010 Global Summit, sponsored by the BHGI Alliance.

Breast Cancer in Poor Countries, article in JAMA. May 18, 2011

NEW RESOURCES FOR LOW- AND MIDDLE RESOURCE COUNTRIES (LMCs): "Global Breast Health Care: Optimizing Delivery in Low- And Middle-Resource Countries" A Supplement of Consensus Statements & Special Reports to THE BREAST plus THE LANCET ONCOLOGY expert review of consensus reports published

Breast Cancer: A Big Problem in Developing Countries. Huffington Post. April 2, 2011

Researchers and Scientists Honored for Improving Prevention, Treatment and Care of People Living with Cancer. Ben Anderson, BHGI Chair and Director, receives the ASCO "Partners in Progress Award." March 21, 2011

Siemens at ECR - European Congress of Radiology: "Breast Cancer Screening - The conflicts between medical and business priorities."  The BHGI was represented by Dr. Edward Azavedo, Associate Professor at the Medical Faculty of the Karolinska Institute and Director of Clinical Breast Imaging Services at the Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden, to discuss the neutral scientific view.  March 3, 2011

Breast Cancer Panel Discussion Intro - The Relevance of Early Detection 

Breast Cancer Panel Discussion - Dealing with Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Panel Discussion - Early Detection from an Economic Perspective

Breast Cancer Panel Discussion - Reliable Sources of Breast Screening Information

Ben Anderson, BHGI Chair and Director, talks about partnerships and the best way to approach the fight against cancer in interview by IAEA September 22, 2010

Axios International issue paper released at UICC World Cancer Congress, Shenzhen, China, August 2010

eNewsletter, The BHGI Bulletin, Summer 2010. Read about the 4th Global Summit on International Breast Health, convened in association with SLACOM-Latin American & Caribbean Society of Medical Oncology in Chicago in June 2010, a meeting of "firsts."  August 4, 2010

How a new partnership can save more lives worldwide: A conversation with Massoud Samiei, head of the PACT Program Office June 9, 2010

IAEA Joins With Breast Health Global Initiative in Fight Against Cancer June 7, 2010

BHGI & PAHO collaboration produces Spanish & Portuguese Translations of Overview Article of Guidelines for International Breast Health (Cancer 2008) Visit the library at the Breast Health-Common Interest Group to read! May 21, 2010

eNewsletter, The BHGI Bulletin, Winter 2010. Read about the "Global Summit on International Breast Health-Optimizing Healthcare Delivery" (June 2010, Chicago) and launch of first web-based Breast Health Literature Library and Common Interest Group (BH-CIG) for international collaboration, communication and information sharing.
Global Summit on International Breast Health Targets Breast Health Improvements in Developing Countries, June 9-11, 2010, in Chicago. The best minds in breast cancer screening and treatment worldwide will be collaborating to improve breast health care delivery in limited-resource countries at the fourth biennial Global Summit on International Breast Health. Convened by the Breast Health Global Initiative and the Latin American and Caribbean Society of Medical Oncology, the Global Summit for the first time has opened registration to all with an interest in improving breast health for women worldwide. Seattle, WA (PRWEB) April 25, 2010 Read full release. 
Breast Cancer - A Global Challenge: The Breast Health Global Initiative founder Dr. Benjamin O. Anderson explains the significance of breast cancer worldwide. The American Society of Breast Disease (ASBD) supports the BHGI in the fight against breast cancer. This segment was taped by the ASBD in Dallas.  Posted 12/29/2009 Watch now.

The Lancet Editorial - Breast cancer in developing countries - Nov 2009

The Lancet Oncology publishes 6 Consensus Statements for Cancer Management in Asia from Asian Oncology Summit by applying BHGI model to multiple cancer settings - Oct 2009. FHCRC News Release - Elsevier Alert

Translating Evidence into Practice Dr. Anderson presents at the Pan Arab Cancer Congress in Cairo, Egypt - May 9, 2009

eNewsletter, The BHGI Bulletin, Spring/Summer 2009

"Breast Health Global Initiative: Implementation Cancer Care Guidelines in Limited Resource Settings,"  Presented by Dr. Anderson, BHGI Chair & Director, Washington Global Health Alliance: Discovery Series, 2009 (PPT/Audio Presentation)

BHGI Guidelines for International Breast Health and Cancer Control-Implementation CANCER: Volume 113, Issue S8, Pages 2221-2243, Published Online: 24 Sep 2008

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